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Apr 2012

The Chequered Flag

Well, what a project this has been. Loads of new techniques learnt and at the end of it a fab bench based on an C18th design.

I finned off with a few coats of Fiddes Hard Wax which interestingly comes in a tin, as opposed to a block, and seems to me to be similar, if not a bit more gloopy, to General Finishes Arm R Seal (which we cannot now get here in the UK thanks to David C and his mates)

I am really pleased with the result and can report that even with the rain we need here and the rise in humidity the top has stayed dead flat.

The vices grip so well, my arthritic hands have no problem clamping work firmly and they run as smooth as silk.

So nothing more to do other than post some pictures of the finished bench and get on to all of the other jobs that should have been done while I was indulging myself on this.

Oh and Venus di Roubo sends her love to you all.



Last Lap

We are on the finishing home run.

I have chosen to go with Fiddes Hard Wax. An unknown for me but it comes highly recommended and seems not to yellow the ash too much when dry.

On with a brush…off with a rag and we can finally put everything together tomorrow


Venus di Roubo

After some overnight drying and sanding this afternoon the holes were drilled.


Venus di Roubo


Dead Woman - Equality for all

Now there is a thing that you need on a roubo called a dead man. Basically a sliding support to hold large workpieces. Why its called a dead man I am not sure but anyway in the quest for equality I have opted to allow the fairer sex into my bench build and create a trans gender Dead Woman support.

After a bit of sketching on the iPad I came up with this…….


It seemed like a fun concept so today i set about planing a bit more of the ash to size.

sketched out the rough outline and then made some
curvy templates for a pointed router bit


With the curvy bits in place cut the profile on the band saw and copied that for the other side using the bandsaw blade packet
Waste not - want not.


No dead woman is complete without
highlights of some kind.

I wonder where they could be?


A bit of spalted beech sorted that out.

One managed to explode on the lathe meaning I had to put the bench to good use with all its clamping options to glue them in place


A quick trim…ooh err…with a flush saw and she is ready for sanding and drilling the holes tomorrow, after I have collected my new drill press.



Now come on you lot, lets hear some ideas for alternative support themes.

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