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She's got legs

Who sang that....those blokes with beards... and a 33 ford
anyway. today was leg saturday.

As we dont have dado stacks here in the UK. not allowed they say. I set up the saw, which is a P30 panel saw, with a mitre fence and the widest blade that I had and pretended it was a dado stack.
As the tenons are not too deep there were not all that many cuts and i am tempted to leave the slightly rough surface for better grip.
The sliding carriage is really useful for these sorts of cuts, tapers and loads of other operations.
I marked up with coloured chalk to distinguish the small mortices from the big ones and then used the morticer to cut them
here are the legs ready for a clean up.

And then I got carried away and cut the tennons on the short rails using a combination of the table saw for the shoulder cuts and bandsaw for the other ones (whatever they are called)

I plan to fit by skimming on the router - which I have now installed the Woodpeckers lift in to the router table. It is a great bit of kit with the Porter Cable router. I just need to find a 110v NVR switch as the 240v one does not stay on.


vice is in

I spent Thursday, after the dentist and then having to sort out the bees after some cows got into the field and rampaged the hives, installing the vice.
The only issue was the hole dimension for the screw. Because i generally have metric drills i drilled it a bit too tight and had to go at it with some sandpaper to ease slightly. Other than that it runs fine.
I am going to have to trim a bit off of the dogs to get the suede to go into the hole as well. But that is a minor tweak.

Now it is looking like a bench

Front Laminate

The front laminate is ready to go on with loads of dominos to keep it all lined up (which it did), You dont need to be really accurate with the dominos because you are only looking for vertical alignment so you can cut on the middle setting
Here the end block is bolted to the top. Isn’t it always the way that one nut goes in a treat and the second takes half an hour.
overall shot before glue
and all clamped up.

The Car

And I remember I promised to post some pics of the car so here you go...(see there was some wood in it)R0017221P1299336R0010341R001010923 March 2011  181P327976923 March 2011  17823 March 2011  161

Woof Woof

Back from skiing and on to dog making today.
This is a very satisfying bit of the build. After sizing everything and sanding down the maple 3mm “springs” i set to making a breeder.
Not so sophisticated with a toggle clamp......I could have sworn I had one somewhere...
on final fitting i used each dog for its intended purpose as a planing stop whilst fettling the next dog for the required fit.roubo14
And a row of soldier dogs at attention.

Last i filled in a couple of shakes i have in the leg timbers. I am not going to junk what is essentially good timber so epoxy filled the splits. I am going to use these two on the rear legs. Kind of oddly satisfying seeing the epoxy disappear down the cracks.


cutting the dovetails

I have opted for an iroko end cap made from a laminate of two bits.roubo05
Japanese saws in evidence for the shoulders
Marked up and the outline chiseled in. All pretty much as planned
initial cuts with the router and chisel then two passes with a 1/2” guided bit. -
Incidentally I have just taken delivery of a new pattern bit from Infinity tools who seem to be pretty highly recommended. I will let you know how i get on with it.
Just requiring a clean up with the chiselsroubo10
Trial fit. Then there was a fair bit of fiddling to get the right sort of feel to the fit.
As i am waiting for the Benchcrafted hardware at the moment. (I hear it has landed in the UK) I have not drilled the holes or finally glued up the endcap.

The fit is ok and obviously could be better but will more than do the job thats needed. Quite pleased for a first attempt.

Next time the Dogs.



a bit of fine tuning

A bit of fine tuning today required because i made a bit of a mistake on the dog hole strip.
Always check for squareness before you glue it up.... yes...

so I had to set up the router to re square the end of the dog strip where the mobile dog clamps.

All turned out right in the end.

Holy dogs Batman

routing out the dog holes - for the dogs!click for the pix...

glue up for the legs

4 heavy legsclick for the pix...


Starting the end blockclick for the pix...
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